Conveyor System Manufacturers

We at Screw Conveyors are experts in conveyor systems and are conveyor system manufacturers.

We are able to manufacture expert heavy duty conveyor systems that will suit your material handling needs. Whether it be screw conveyors, and even chain conveyors we manufacture it.

Each system serves its own purpose and we specialise in making sure each conveyor system suits your needs.

Our conveyor systems have served many industries and we are able to create a professional solution to your problems. We have serviced the following sectors Mining & Minerals, Agriculture, Food, Chemicals, Forestry, Fertilizers, Building, Cement, Abattoirs, Hospitals, Engineering, and Material Recycling.

The conveyor systems we manufacture can be manufactured out of hardwearing steels and other durable materials.

We manufacture conveyor systems that can convey hot and cold, wet and dry and large and small loads, without hassle or issue. We manufacture to meet the requirements you have.


Benefits of screw conveyors include: gentle material handling and mixing, system speed and efficiency, low investment costs and system durability. Of all the conveyor systems, screw conveyors cost the least to purchase and maintain. They are also adaptable, customizable and endlessly versatile. They can process materials as diverse as: lead oxide, whey, fiberglass, vitamins, Epsom salts, garlic powder, flour, cocoa beans, ferric sulfate, gypsum, caffeine powder, and carbon black.

Design and Customization

Standard screw conveyors are typically made of metal, but some varieties are made from injection-molded thermoplastic resin. Conveyors made from the latter material are highly resistant to high temperatures and impacts and avoid contaminating the materials they handle. Of all the metals, most industrial screw conveyors are manufactured using food grade stainless steel, which is non-contaminating and possesses a smooth finish.

When designing or recommending a screw conveyor, manufacturers must consider: the application, the type of material to be moved (consistency, density, flowability, size, corrosiveness, texture, flammability, etc.), material load volume, projected frequency of use and whether there are any other necessary processes for the conveyor to perform. These details will inform them for decisions like: system material(s), system orientation, accessories and power source. (They can either be powered by an electric motor or powered by energy from adjacent machines.)

To best suit your needs, screw conveyor manufacturers may customize your conveyor in a number of ways. For example, they can add sections or attachments such as: wash down sections, mobile base units, flexible discharge hoses, integral bag dump hoppers, access and inspection ports and/or flexible discharge hoses. They can even make you portable screw conveyors.

We can design and manufacture the material handling equipment you need!

Our conveyor systems are able to perform above and beyond.